This app was created for an SBA (Small Business Administration) hackathon. I locked myself in a small office at the Microsoft HQ in Bethesda, MD (where the hackathon was held) and created it over a weekend back in 2011. Ended up winning 2nd place and got a nice sized prize out of it as well as an article in a local newspaper that no one reads.

The app UI was rewritten and rebranded as FundFind in late 2015. This was done because my Android coding skills have improved substantially since the original version was written in 2011, and I figured I’d show what I can do. Hopefully this makes the app easier to use and therefore helps more people.


  • Search for grants, loans, tax incentives, and venture capital. Filter based on Federal or State, fund type, industries, and specialties.
  • Save individual search results for quickly viewing later on the main screen
  • Every fund has a link to get more information and to apply




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Get it on the Google Play App Store here:

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Source code is hosted on a public repo on GitHub