Microsfot HQ, Bogota, Colombia

New Jekyll powered blog!

Written by R.D.M.

So now that I have some free time (unemployed and just returned from traveling), I think it’s time to start working on my website and blog.

Years ago I created my site using PHP and basically wrote my own content management system because I like building things from the ground up. You learn a lot that way. It was a lot of work though and I struggled with modifying and styling the site. Then I switched to Joomla but I never really liked it and it didn’t seem flexible enough. Now I’m trying Jekyll and Nginx, and moving my site to Digital Ocean. I feel like this gives me the flexibility I want but at the same time allowing me to stand on shoulders of giants so I don’t have to code too much.

I am hosting the code on my public github repo so you can check it out there. In my next post I’ll go over how I got started, some of the issues I ran into, and how I solved them.

This blog will center around the things I enjoy the most these days: E.g. Traveling, technology, coding, poker, and maybe even bodybuilding.

So let’s get started!

Done At: Sep 9,2015