Salt Flats, Uyuni, Bolivia

Background Images and Credits

Written by R.D.M.

Most of the pictures I am using as backgrounds at the top of the page/blog post are pictures of me or pictures taken by me. And all these pictures were taking while outside the country while traveling in various countries. At the bottom right I’ll be adding a little note to say where it was taken. These aren’t professional grade pictures by any means, as I’m not a photogographer and I have no training whatsover (and the pictures are taken using my phone), but I think it adds a unique touch to my site.

But sometimes I will be using background images that are free of use that I found online. Mostly for the Projects section. Here I will list the ones I used, post a link to the image, and credit the author when possible.

iPhone BluePrint (Projects page) iphoneblueprint

Chopped Wood (Energy App page) choppedwood

Money (FundFind Page) money

Done At: Oct 1,2015